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According to the old saying, one man's trash is another man's treasure. Cherish Earth Project identifies material carelessly discarded, callously ignored or otherwise not considered worthy of attention. Some might say, "trash". These materials are then nurtured to their highest and best use to produce Treasures From Earth. Here are some examples of products inspired by Cherish Earth philosophy.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Pallet Wood Cabinetry

Except for the top trim made from saw mill tailing, the cabinetry shown here is solid hardwood, 100% recycled from pallets and shipping crates. The finished product is superior in durability and character to commercially available cabinetry at any price.

Glass, glue, screws, hinges and handles were purchased for this project. The wood was FREE - except for the labor to haul it away and process it that is. After the rough edges are machined away, the nail holes, spalting and wane create a unique character to this cabinetry clearly elevating the status of wood refuse to its highest and best use.

Dining room highlights include sideboard, china cabinet, room divider / hand rail made from an extremely tight grain bent cedar tree and a door casing (far left) made from pieces of a salvaged ROSEWOOD pallet!


  1. There you have it...

  2. Wonderful and beautiful! Very creative using reclaimed wood and in addition saves loads of money. Luv it!!! =-]]